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Maintaining a healthy mouth requires consistent oral hygiene habits. When stray food particles and plaque are not effectively removed by your daily brushing and flossing efforts they can gradually harden into tartar. The presence of these bacterial deposits near the gumline can cause the periodontal inflammation of gingivitis.

This early form of gum disease often causes the gums to appear red and inflamed while also promoting problems with bad breath. Many individuals suffering from gingivitis also notice that their gums tend to bleed easily when brushing and flossing.

If you have noticed any of these symptoms, it’s best to seek professional diagnosis and treatment from a dentist like Dr. Peter Lo Destro. After an essential examination to assess the severity of the problem he will present you with a treatment plan, which might include a thorough dental cleaning.

Once all traces of tartar and other bacterial deposits have been completely removed from your teeth, our dentist will help you understand any improvements you should make to your daily routine. With consistency and regular dental checkups, you can significantly reduce your chances of suffering from gum disease in the future.

Without professional intervention, the periodontal inflammation of gingivitis can gradually worsen into periodontitis. This severe form of gum disease can cause your gumline to slowly recede from the base of your teeth. In time, it could potentially lead to the loss of multiple teeth.

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