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A severe blow to the mouth can potentially shatter a tooth near the gumline or knock the tooth out of the socket. In some of these cases the damage to the tooth and gums is so severe that whatever remains of the root must be extracted.

Once your gums have healed our dentist, Dr. Peter Lo Destro can help you understand your dental restoration options. This might involve replacing the missing tooth with a dental bridge, or restoring it with a dental implant. A dental implant restoration requires thedentist to perform a minimally invasive oral surgery in which a small titanium dental implant will be inserted into the healthy bone structure. As time goes on, the titanium material will form a strong bond with the living bone tissues. This will replicate the natural strength of the original tooth’s root. then, the dentist and his staff can prepare an abutment capable of supporting a dental crown. Once it has been secured in place, the restored tooth will replicate the strength and function of the original.

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