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Your new complete denture, provided by the dental restoration specialists at Peter Lo Destro DDS PC was designed to effectively replicate the basic function of your missing or extracted teeth. While the removable dental appliance will not be susceptible to cavities and tooth decay complications, it will still require daily care and good oral hygiene habits.

If you like to use denture adhesive to bond the unit to your gums, it will need to be compensated for when cleaning the base. Any time you uninstall your complete denture, you should thoroughly rinse away any residual denture adhesive to provide a clean surface for the next time you install the denture in your mouth.

The denture will also need to be thoroughly cleaned before you go to sleep each night. This starts with a thorough rinsing to remove any plaque film, residual denture adhesive, and possible trapped food particles. Once this is done you should follow up by brushing all the surfaces of your dentures with a soft bristled toothbrush and a little non-abrasive toothpaste. You can then soak your denture in water and store it safely away for the night.

If you live in the Yorkville and Aurora, Illinois, area and you a have question about how to best maintain your new complete denture, you can always call to consult with Dr. Lo Destro or a member of staff at Peter Lo Destro DDS PC.